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Log data. You need to collect it but what can you actually do with it? All too often your Splunk data can become an unknowable morass. And you are effectively forced to become a data hoarder. You can skim the surface but you'll never understand what lies in the depths.

Our Use Case Report digs deep shows you exactly what sort of shape your Splunk log data is in and how to fix it. In less than a week, you'll see the following:

  • A snapshot of what's possible with the data you are collecting
  • An assessment of the overall health of your modeled data and current source type coverage
  • Supported use cases you can currently ask with Insight Investigator
  • Unsupported critical use cases you can't get answers to because the data isn't yet in shape
  • An analysis of unmapped source types to show frequency and data health
  • A detailed list of recommendations that point you in the right direction


The Use Case Report shows you practical optimizations that increase the efficiency and value of your log data. Get yours today and make that morass of data crystal clear. Let's end data hoarding and put use cases first.

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